PJM (PSL) corpus

Section for Sign Linguistics, University of Warsaw, has begun corpus research on PJM(Polish Sign Language). In creating this corpus, Deaf from all over the country, are recorded. Corpus research are the basis for the development of Sign Linguistics. Currently in Poland there is no Polish Sign Language(PJM) dictionary, nor is there any description of the language’s grammar. Their development will be possible by completing the recordings, and their further annotation and analysis. The Corpus will provide a documentation of the Sign Language’s history and development. Corpus research conducted by the Section for Sign Linguistics fall within the global trend of analysis as regards corpus linguistics of visual-spatial languages.

Recording sessions are held in the Section for Sign Linguistics headquarters in Warsaw. Participating in the recordings are a pair of informants and a moderator, who is also Deaf. The informants task is
to perform tasks that appear on the computer screen, e.g. to render an account of a picture story or a short film. All instructions are signed in PJM(Polish Sign Language).The recording continues for about 4 hours(including breaks). The informants are required to sign an agreement, in which they consent to perpetual use of their image by the Section. We encourage all Deaf to participate in the recordings!

People interested in participating in the recording, please contact us:
by email to j.lacheta@uw.edu.pl
by post to: Pracownia Lingwistyki Migowej UW, ul. Oboźna 7/37, 00-322 Warszawa,
by Gadu-Gadu no. 3709915
We Cordially Invite!

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