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Call for corpus research participants

We would like to encourage all interested Deaf users of PJM to take part in our corpus research. The participation form (in Polish) can be found here.

22 stycznia 2018 r. – posiedzeniu grupy "Language and Rights"

Dr Paweł Rutkowski uczestniczył w ostatnich dniach w Brukseli w posiedzeniu grupy roboczej "Language and Rights" powołanej przez Europejską Radę Języków (Conseil Européen pour les Langues / European Language Council). W dyskusjach dotyczących dalszych prac tego gremium (w tym opracowania raportu z rekomendacjami) często poruszane były kwestie związane z językami migowymi. Miło nam poinformować, że kolejne posiedzenie grupy "Language and Rights" odbędzie się we wrześniu 2018 r. w Warszawie. Towarzyszyć mu będzie konferencja dotycząca praw językowych.

31st October 2017 – journal article in "Trendy"

The latest issue of the online education journal "Trendy" carries an article (in Polish) on “Polish Sign Language as a Tool Against Exclusion” by Paweł Rutkowski and Piotr Mostowski. Have a look!

30th October 2017 – PASE conference

On 21 October 2017, Paweł Rutkowski was a guest at the conference on “Teaching Foreign Languages to Children with Special Educational Needs", at which he delivered a paper entitled “Language Education for Signing Children”. The conference was organized by the Polish Association for the Study of Foreign Languages (PASE).

29th October 2017 – school textbook adaptations for the Polish Ministry of Education

The Polish Ministry of National Education recently announced that two school textbook adaptations, developed for students with special educational needs by the Section for Sign Linguistics, have been approved for use. Please help us spread the word to students and teachers who may benefit from the adaptations!

18th October 2017 – lecture at the eLex conference

The lecture "Sign language as a challenge to electronic lexicography: The Corpus-based Dictionary of Polish Sign Language and beyond", which Paweł Rutkowski delivered at the eLex 2017 conference in Leiden in the Netherlands, has been posted (with International Sign translation) on the conference’s YouTube channel.

11th October 2017 – "Multi-layered linguistic annotation of the corpus of Polish Sign Language (PJM)"

The presentation "Multi-layered linguistic annotation of the corpus of Polish Sign Language (PJM)" met with a warm reception from participants at the SIGN8 conference. We thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in the conference, an important event for the world Deaf community.

10th October 2017 – SIGN8 conference

Marek Śmietana, Paweł Rutkowski and Anna Kuder from the UW Section for Sign Linguistics are participating in the SIGN8 conference in Florianopolis, Brazil, to deliver a paper entitled "Multi-layered linguistic annotation of the corpus of Polish Sign Language (PJM)". The official languages of the conference are International Sign and Brazilian Sign Language (Libras).

The next edition of the international conference will most likely take place in Warsaw. Already now, we’d like to invite everyone interested to come and participate!

9th October 2017 – lecture at the PAS Institute of Computer Science

The YouTube channel of the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences, has posted a recording of Paweł Rutkowski’s lecture (in Polish) entitled “Polish Sign Language from the perspective of corpus linguistics”, delivered at

2nd October 2017 – visit to Budapest

On 25-29 September, Paweł Rutkowski was a guest at the Gusztáv Bárczi Faculty of Special Education, Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Aside from lectures and discussions with researchers (deaf education specialists and cognitivists), the agenda for the visit also included meetings at a school for the Deaf in Budapest and at the Department of Disabled Affairs, Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources (whose responsibilities include the field of education). Paweł Rutkowski presented educational materials in Polish Sign Language (PJM) which the UW Section for Sign Linguistics team has been preparing on commission for the Polish Ministry of National Education for three years now. These textbook adaptations met with great interest and a positive reception. Such materials are not currently available in Hungary, but as of 1 September 2017 a law imposes an obligation on schools to ensure that every child with a hearing deficiency has access to bilingual education.


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